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Learn to make Multimedia

  1. Plain and simple: I make websites, audio and video and I like to teach my friends how to do it.
  2. Use the screencasts and tutorials here to learn how to do it yourself, at your own pace.
  3. This site is very new. In time I hope to offer a large library of help videos and web pages so that anyone with the will has a way.

Now, go forth and create! -Jeff

Most Recent Content:

Using Zenity to Create a GUI for FFMPEG in under 10 minutes

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a simple, effective, GUI for ffmpeg so you don't have to keep remembering all those commands. This is the raddest way I know of to have a pro video converter tool in Linux that is tailor made to your production pipeline.

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Using Blender to turn image sequences into videos

Blender can take a bunch of images and turn them into videos of all sorts of formats. In fact, it's a good idea to render out your projects to image files and then when that's done, take those images and make them into a movie. That way you can rerender out small parts that need changing and very quickly make a new video with the changes.

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Keymon info

In this video I demonstrate a program called Keymon that displays on your computer's monitor the keys you are pressing.

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Using Clonezilla to make a free backup of your hard drive

There is an awesome free program that anyone in the know seems to use for backing up their hard drives. Hard drives fail. All of them will eventually break. Don't be surprised when it happens, be prepared. It takes me about 20 minutes to make a complete backup of my hard drive. If it breaks, I just get a new hard drive, and about 10 minutes later, my computer is running exactly as it was with the old hard drive.

If you don't make backup clones of your hard drives, you are just asking for a headache later.

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Getting a Fresh Fish Build of Blender from Graphical and A Little Linux Bash Scr

Nothing fancy today. I was about to get the newest Blender build and run it today and thought that there might be some beginners who haven't heard of  There you can get new Blender builds that haven't been released yet and you can get builds of Blender that are optimized for your particular setup. I personally get a 64-bit linux build that is optimized for OpenMP but some computers won't be able to use this build.

Well, anyway. Here it is.

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Golf | rendered with Blender 2.5

GLSl mode will render out your animation very fast. You have far less options and things get tricky if you want to get anything close to reality. But we have reality for reality. This is video. We can make things that look cool even if they are obviously fake.

This whole thing took less than 10 minutes to do. Making the tutorial and posting it on the web took twice as long. The point is that you can work very quickly if you can work within some boundaries and use GLSL mode.

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Using Blender 2.5 for video editing | open source easy tutorial

Here I demonstrate some simple video editing techniques.

Framerates, saving in a relative directory, good settings for video, all to the tune of thrash metal.

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Explosion Cloud made with Blender 2.5

Look. I'm hella busy. I don't think that I have time to organize things lately. So, this website will be full of tutorials on open source stuff, but I have no idea what topics I'll cover. This one's on explosion clouds. Tell me if you like it or hate it. I don't have like and hate buttons but if you give me one of those, I'll push it.

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VLC Player is Rad

VLC plays just about any video and audio, and it also converts between different formats. It does a million other things but nevermind those. If you have ever had problems watching videos and haven't given this media player a try, I highly suggest you check it out. It's free, open source, it's been around for a long time, and has a large userbase.

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Blender 2.5 extruded text
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